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The Bull and the Donkey


Đăng vào lúc 03:03 15/03/2013

Sherehezade is married to the Sultan. All his many previous brides have been beheaded the morning after their wedding. Her plan to stay alive is to keep the terrible tyrant amused with stories, always leaving him wanting more. xem thêm

The 1001 Nights


Đăng vào lúc 10:54 15/03/2013

The world’s most famous collection of magical stories originated in Persia and only later became known in the West as the “Arabian” Nights. The collection includes stories, within stories, within stories. This is the story that wraps around them all. xem thêm

The Blind Beggar of Baghdad


Đăng vào lúc 10:49 15/03/2013

This story from the 1001 nights tells of hidden treasure and magical powers. It will remind you a little of Aladdin or Ali Baba, but it’s more serious. The Blind Beggar of Baghdad is a warning about how greed can drive you mad. xem thêm

Aladdin’s Lamp


Đăng vào lúc 10:30 15/03/2013

It’s packed with oriental mystique – not one, but two genies, wicked magicians, gold and jewels galore, a palace that is transported through thin air, a beautiful princes, and a poor boy who gets very lucky indeed. xem thêm

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves


Đăng vào lúc 10:22 15/03/2013

IN a town in Persia there lived two brothers, one named Cassim, the other Ali Baba. Cassim was married to a rich wife and lived in luxury, xem thêm

The Lioness and Small Respect


Đăng vào lúc 03:51 13/03/2013

A very queenly lioness meets first a mosquito and then a mouse. Both these tiny creatures teach her something about respect for small things. This story is based on two of Aesop’s famous fables and we’ve rolled them into one. As with all our Aesop tales, it is told in the voice of one of the characters, in this case, the lioness. xem thêm

The Boy Who Cried Wolf


Đăng vào lúc 03:36 13/03/2013

Aesop’s famous story has worked its way into the English Language. The dictionary says that to cry wolf is to ” ask for help when you do not need it, with the result that no one believes you when help is necessary.” xem thêm

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse


Đăng vào lúc 03:23 13/03/2013

This charming fable by Aesop is retold here in the voice of a simple country mouse. His uncle tempts him to come to the bright city, but he soon finds that its pleasures come with dangers. xem thêm

The Hare and the Tortoise


Đăng vào lúc 03:20 13/03/2013

A new take on an old tale. Speedy the Hare gives his version of his famous race with the tortoise and he would like you to know that, whatever you may have heard, he is the fastest creature on the farm. Truly! xem thêm

Madame White Snake


Đăng vào lúc 02:44 12/03/2013

February 10th 2013 marks the start of the Year of the Snake. We are marking the Chinese New Year with a famous story about a snake-spirit who turns into a beautiful girl and marries a human man. A wicked monk is keen to ruin their happiness by letting the husband know who is wife really is. There’s lots of romance, and lots of magical armed combat. Madame White Snake is often told by the Chinese Opera. xem thêm

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


Đăng vào lúc 02:42 12/03/2013

You should always respect learning and experience, and never meddle in things that you do not undertand. xem thêm

The Cowherd and the Weaving Maid


Đăng vào lúc 03:03 11/03/2013

Most fairytales end when the hero and heroine marry and live happily ever after. This ancient Chinese myth does not stop on the wedding day. It tells the tale of a cowherd who looks after an old Ox. The Ox is semi-devine. He is a star who is spending some time of Earth. He decides to help the boy to marry one of the weaving maidens who blow the clouds through the sky. But the Queen of Heaven is not pleased by this plan. xem thêm

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